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Like many humans, I've long been interested in studying the human body, the mind, and this thing we call consciousness. It's a fascinating thing, perhaps the most fascinating in the observable universe.

Over the last 50-100 years, the health of the general public has radically deteriorated. Obesity rates are on the rise, and the vast majority of adults in the West are overweight, sleep deprived, and lack the vital components of evolved life - sleep, movement, a healthy diet, sunlight, a strong social environment, and a strong purpose.

Yet at the same time, humans are still living longer through our collective understanding of life by curing disease, learning what makes our bodies work better, and modern medicine. The result is that we can increase our longevity through learning, sharing, and being conscious of our actions. We live in a world we didn't evolve for, so it's important to be conscious of what our instincts are telling us.

There is constantly incredible studies and books coming out educating us of what needs to change. "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker, for example, is an eye-opening look into the importance of sleep, and how modern humans are depriving themselves of it for the first time the history of human life. It's one of example of many where modern humans would be better off being educated on such a vital part of life - but sadly, most aren't.

The goal of this community is the learn, educate, and share what we know about health and well being. The focus to start is more about preventative care - take care of ourselves now to live a better life now, and a longer and better life later. If we can create a movement, we can not only change our lives, but the lives of our fellow humans. Join us - share what you know and learn and lets improve together.

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Welcome! Join us - share what you know and learn and lets improve together.


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